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ICT Literacy

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ICT Literacy

(ICT = Information and Communication Technology)


14 Ways K-12 Librarians can Teach Social Media (excellent blog post by Joyce Valenza!)


Big6 - Expanded (handout to use when explaining Big6)
Flowing Data (data visualization)

Bloom's Taxonomy - Digital Media Version (link to a more detailed article)

Blueprint for Reform (policy proposals for education)

Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (see the position paper)

Common Sense Media (free, lesson plans, discussion guides)

Did You Know (version 4.0; Youtube video about the changing world)

Digital Literacy.gov (games, videos, activities and tutorials about digital literacy)

Digital Media - New Learners of the 21st Century (PBS video about how digital media is transforming learning and education)

Don't Buy It! (PBS media literacy lessons on advertising and consumer education)

FactCheckED (resources, lesson plans on determining the validity of sources)

The Future of Publishing (YouTube video about 21st century learners and publishing)

Genesee Valley School Library System

Image Detective (analysis of historical photos)

LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project)

Learning to Change; Changing to Learn (video about 21st century literacies; Student Voices)

Library Call to Action (libraries must offer 21st century services and spaces)
Library Research Service Impact Studies (impact of school library programs on student achievement)

LISZEN (Library & Information Science blog search engine)

Open Thinking Wiki (Internet videos related to technology and media literacy)

Partnership for 21st Century Skills Literacy Maps (sample lessons that integrate technology & other skills; P21 Toolkit for Aligning Common Core Standards)

Pencil Metaphor - which part of the pencil are you?

Periodic Table of 21st Century Resources

Reading Between Digital Lines (article by Jamie McKenzie on reading skills required for digital literacy)

School Libraries Work! (Scholastic brochure, 2008 edition)

Teaching Research (blog post by Doug Johnson)

Teaching 21st Century Skills (MJSD2 examples)

Technology Integration Matrix (AZ tool to evaluate and describe the level of technology integration)

Top 10 Videos About the Internet (10 videos that give a perspective on the development and changes in the Internet)

Evaluating Websites (CRAAP method)











AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner


Common Core Standards


Idaho ICT Standards (adopted 2011)


ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators


ID Library Media endorsement requirements


Common Core Resources for Librarians


BayShore HS wiki

Booklist resources on "Unpacking the Standards" (enter "common core" in the Quick Search box to see all relevant articles)

Glynda Pflieger's Common Core Resources for Librarians


Library Media Best Practices Wiki (New Hanover Public Schools; resources and best practices fpr CC Standards, etc.)

SLJ article about Common Core


TeachingBooks Resources for Common Core

Professional Development Opportunities

(Increase your knowledge of ICT with these online courses, tutorials, blogs, wikis, professional organizations)


4Teachers (excellent blog)

21 Things (21 Things for the 21st Century Educator: Technology Every Educator Should Know)

21st Century Skills: What Do We Do? (video that asks and answers the question of what we should be teaching)

100 Excellent Open Access Journals for Educators (free access to journal articles; scroll down for the technology section of this list)

100 Free Webinars and Tutorials

AASL Smackdown (library 2.0 tools, presented at the 2009 AASL conference; Edublogger Smackdown)

ABLE (free, online courses in librarianship from the ICFL)

Bright Ideas (blog by the school library association of Victoria, Australia)

Colorado School Libraries (wealth of information and links on this website!)

CoolToolsForEducators (web tools for education)

CoolToolsForSchools (web tools for education; organized by purpose)

Custom Guides (2 page user guides for various versions of MS Office products)

Cybraryman (educational websites)

DDC Tour ("take the tour" to learn all about the Dewey decimal classification system)

Digital Backpack (collection of web tools by Carl Anderson)

Discovery Education (tech tools and trends in education)

Ed Tech Ideas (technology ideas for busy teachers)

Edublog Awards (best education blogs)

Education World (web sites, lessons, tech integration articles...)

Educational Origami

Eduscapes (online courses, information on digital learning, literature)

EduTecher (technology & curriculum websites, blog, training videos)

Eduwiki (technology tools)

FeedMyApp (web 2.0 tools)

Free Technology for Teachers (Richard Byrne's blog about educational technology)

GETideas (discussions about education in the 21st century)

Google -- see the Google section below!

I Learn Technology (terrific blog!)

ICTmagic (web tools, curriculum resources)

Ideas to Inspire (using ICT tools)

Innovative Educator

Interesting Ways (ideas for teaching and using all sorts of technology in a classroom)

ISTE - also, ISTE school library group wiki; ISTE wiki

K-12 Library Initiative Toolkit (Washington State)

KATE (KY Academy of Technology Education; video tutorials for technology applications)

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

Library Terms That Users Understand (avoiding techno-babble!)

LM_Net (searchable archive of an excellent, active school library discussion group, LM_Net Wiki)

Larry Ferlazzo's blog (and his "best of" websites)

Making Teachers Nerdy (blog about using technology)

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching)

Mike Eisenberg Information Literacy Series (video series)

Moving At the Speed of Creativity

Moving Forward (directory of subject-specific educational blogs)

NCS-Tech (blog about technology in education)

New Tools Guide (Joyce Valenza; 2.0 applications)

Online collaboration tools (Robin Good; categorized by use)

Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness (excellent blog about using tech tools; don't miss his A New Way to Lecture)

RIOT - Research Information Online Tutorial (interactive video about the research process - Rutgers University)

Resources for School Librarians

Richard Byrne's Favorite Tech Resources for Teachers

School Librarians & Common Core Standards (numerous resources collected in a Livebinder site)

School Library Journal (also, SLJ webcasts)

School Library InfoTech Programs: Tapestry of Effective Practice (excellent blog posts and videos; note this survival checklist video; Wizard of Apps video)

School Library Websites (examples of effective practice)

SPLAT! (online course from ICFL; learn about web 2.0 applications)

Springfield Township Virtual Library (Dr. Joyce Valenza's website)

Teacher Training videos (video how-tos for a variety of technology applications and 2.0 websites)

TeacherTube Professional Development Channel

Tech the Plunge

Tech Training for Libraries (CO State Library training modules)

Technology Tidbits (blog about technology applications)

The Thriving Library (Marylaine Block's links for her book, Forward thinking for librarians...)

TLNing (Teacher-Librarian ning)

Transforming Education for the 21st Century (several discussion topics: classroom blogs & wikis)
TutSearch (search engine for tutorials)

Virtual Summer Camp (all sorts of technology and web applications to learn and explore)

Virtual Technology Teacher (tech lessons, videos)

Web2.0 21st Century Tools (a wealth of 2.0 apps, organized by function)

Web 2.0 in Education

Web 2.0 Resources (resources for tech integration in education)

Web 2.0 to Support the NETS (arranged by ISTE standards)

Webby Awards

WebTools4U2Use (learn about web 2.0 tools. Excellent website! Don't miss the Keeping Up... page)

WHHHS Media Center wiki

Wissahickon School District Tech Tools

Woopid (video tutorials for technology apps)

You Know you're a 21st Century Librarian if.... (read and learn!)

CyberSafety -  


11 Websites for Teaching and Learning Web Safety (blog post by Richard Byrne)

Admongo (FTC; critical thinking about advertising)

Coco's AdverSmarts (media literacy unit for grades 5-8)

Common Sense Media (free, lesson plans, discussion guides)

CTAP (CA Technology Assistance Project: identity safety, cyberbullying, etc.)

Cyberbully (parent and teaching resources)

CyberSmart (safety curriculum, ethics, grade level lessons, other web 2.0 safety information)

Living Life Online (FTC; staying safe online)

Net Cetera (FTC site: Internet safety, fraud, personal information; parent brochure)

NetSafe ("Nutshell" animated videos about Internet safety)

Netsmartz (education, kids games)

OnGuard Online (games, videos, tutorials about Intenet safety)

Protecting Your Digital Footprint (consider the implications of what you post online)

That's Not Cool (website for students about how to handle cyberbullying, etc.)


Google Tools & Features


Google Guide for Teachers (by Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers blog)


Google Search

Google Search Tips (handout; Pam Juel & Bernadette Sexton)
Google Inside Search (news, videos, tips and tricks about Google seaching)


Google Search Curriculum (developed by Google certified teachers)

Teaching Search in the classroom (webinar on YouTube; for teachers to watch, not necessarily to show to students)


Evolution of Google Search - Blog post by Joyce Valenza - thought-provoking perspective


Google Scholar (note "cited by" feature) (YouTube video: "Google Scholar Tips")


Google Ngram Viewer (TED talk about Ngram Viewer)


Soople - a guide to various Google searches


Google Calendar

Google Calendar how-to 


Google Docs

Google Docs Tips (handout; Pam Juel & Bernadette Sexton)

Google Drive for iPad


Google Forms (do a Google search on "Google Forms" to find more information) (sample form)

Google Form Templates (from Kern Kelley - use Google forms for quizzes, word clouds, a variety of school-related applications; more)


Google Forms Tips (handout; Pam Juel & Bernadette Sexton)


Google Reader

Google Reader in Plain English (Common Craft video)


Google Maps

Google Maps (customize a Google map with My Maps)

- choose My Maps, then create a new map or edit an existing map

- Click "Add a placemark" icon and drag to the location

- click the placemark to edit the contents of that placemark

- click on the placemark icon (upper right corner of the edit menu) to edit or add an icon (you can make the icon be a picture)

- Rich text: click on the photo icon to add a photo from a web location (watch for the yellow bar at the top of your screen - "this website is using a scripted....")

- edit HTML: add sound or video clip - copy the embed code from the hosting website

- click OK, Save, Done

- click on the "New!" link in the uppr right corner to see what features Google Labs is working on to enhance Google Maps


Google Map Catcher (download a Google Map so you can access it offline)


ScribbleMaps (create and share customized maps; can save to Google MyMaps or as jpg)


Google Map Mashups

Breaking News (Reuters)

Earthquakes in the Last Week

Geo.Me (weather and climate data)

LitTrips (multiple contributors)

MathsMaps (teacher created)

PaintMap (multiple contributors)

Placeopedia (Wikipedia)

Real Time Satellite Tracking

SepiaTown (historical photos)



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